„Fast Track – Patentanmeldungen“ beim ÖPA – 1. Mitteilung wird nicht mehr verschickt

Das Österreichische Patentamt hat uns mitgeteilt, dass ab sofort bei den „Fast Track – Patentanmeldungen“ keine 1. Mitteilung mehr versendet wird.

Diese Mitteilungen waren anfangs dafür gedacht, dass die Anmelder:innen Bescheid bekommen, dass das ÖPA die „Fast Track – Patentanmeldungen“ zur Kenntnis genommen hat und bemüht ist, die 4 Monatsfrist einzuhalten.

Da sich dieses System laut Patentamt gut eingespielt hat, sind diese Mitteilungen nicht mehr notwendig.

Bei Fragen können Sie sich gerne an Herrn Hannes Raumauf (hannes.raumauf@patentamt.at) wenden.

European Patent Litigation Certificate (EPLC) Training

The Academy of European Law (ERA) renowned as a continuing education institution with a wealth of experience in training legal practitionerson EU law is for the first time offering a training leading to a diploma.  With the European Patent Litigation Certificate (EPLC) delivered at the end of this yearlong course, European patent attorneys will be entitled to defend parties before the Unified Patent Court

In partnering with the University of Maastricht, ERA put in place a tailor-made yearlong course

consisting of online sessions with tutorials completed by intensive practical face-to-face sessions at ERA in Trier, Germany. and ending with an examination leading to the certificate.

At the end of this course, European patent attorneys will know about:

  • the basics of EU law and patent law in the EU
  • the role, organisation and patent-related case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • the enforcement of patents and in particular knowledge of Directive 2004/48 (EC)
  • the advanced understanding of unitary patent protection (Regulations1257/2012 (EU) and 1260/2012 (EU))
  • the comparative overview on patent infringement proceedings in Contracting Member States
  • the key takings of the Unified Patent Court Agreement and the Unified Patent Court’s Statute
  • Litigation before the Unified Patent Court: advanced knowledge of procedures, advocacy skills, practice and case management before the Unified Patent Court, with special regards to the rules of procedure of the UPC

Save the dates for the EPLC course 2022-2023:

EPLC introductory course

Trier and Luxembourg (CJEU) 28 – 29 September 2022

Trier/Luxembourg (CJEU)

EPLC intensive course

Trier, 13-17 March 2023


EPLC intensive course

Trier, 10-15 July 2023

Further details regarding registration and course fees can be found on the dedicated website.

We would appreciate if you could inform your colleagues and your professional network about this new course.

For further information or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Anna Lees

Anna Lees
Key Account ManagerAcademy of European Law
Metzer Allee 4 | D-54295 Trier
Tel: +49 (0)651 – 93737 -815
Fax: +49 (0)651 – 93737 -773

We’re happy to announce that the report and recording of the 19th Global Digital Encounter on AI and the audiovisual world are now available on the encounters website:

Find both: https://thinkfide.com/artificial-intelligence-and-the-audiovisual-world-gde-19-report/