NCP-IP World IP Day Event 2024

Einladung NCP-IP World IP Day Event 2024: am 25.4 ab 10:00 im Haus der Industrie und per Live Stream

Innovationstreiber in der Life Science-Branche: wie können Künstliche Intelligenz, kollaborative Formate und Standardisierung die Verwertung von Wissen vorantreiben.

Detailliertes Programm und Anmeldung finden Sie auf der Eventseite!

GDE 32 – Save the date! The UPC After 8 Months: Achievements and Challenges?

We’re pleased to announce the date of the 32nd Encounter, which will focus on the achievements and challenges of the Unitary Patent Court after eight months of operation.

Find all the relevant information at the GDE 32 webpage.

Ausbilungskurs für PatentanwaltsanwärterInnen 2023/2024

Hier finden Sie Informationen und das Kursbuch für den fünften Durchgang des „Ausbildungskurses für PatentanwaltsanwärterInnen 2023/2024“ von


ERA European IP Law Training

The Academy of European Law (ERA) has now published its programme for its flagship event on European Copyright Law.

I would be very grateful if you could share the information below with your colleagues. You are welcome to use the code 2022_ERA_IP for a 25% discount. This code can be combined with the Early Bird discount (but no other discounts).Dear Mr Peham

Annual Conference on European Copyright Law 2022

Trier/Online, 24 November 2022 – 25 November 2022

Event number: 222R20

Key topics

  • Recent CJEU rulings on copyright
  • Topical issues of copyright law
  • Update on the activities of the European Commission and the Member States on copyright
  • Online copyright infringement
  • Ongoing reform of the Database Directive through the Data Act
  • Sectorial approach to copyright: music, audiovisual and culture

>>> Programme available here

>>> Early Bird (10%) available until 24th October 2022

Please also note the following events below:

Annual Conference on Trade Mark and Design Law in the EU 2022

Online, 26 October 2022 – 28 October 2022

Event number: 222R19

Key topics

  • Topical recent issues of trade mark law, shape departing from the norm of the sector, the concept of acquiescence in light of the CJEU ruling in HEITEC
  • Recent judgments on trade marks and designs from the EU Courts and the EUIPO Boards of Appeal
  • Enforcement of rights and remedies after the recent CJEU rulings Nova Text GmbH and Koch Media v FU
  • Direct liability of online market places under trade mark law
  • Counterfeiting and the Digital Services Act
  • Impact of the EU legal reform of geographical indications on trade mark law


Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Economy

  • Artificial Intelligence Act
  • EU Data Economy
  • AI and Liability Law

Online, 7 December 2022 – 9 December 2022

Event number: 222D106

As you may already know, ERA is now offering together with the University of Maastricht the EPLC certificate necessary for litigating in front of the new European Patent Court. All information can be found on the EPLC website.

The dates of training are:

  • 12-13 December 2022 (face-to-face in Trier/Luxembourg)
  • 13-17 March 2023 (face-to-face in Trier)
  • 10-15 July 2023 (face-to-face in Trier)

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Kind regards,

Anna Lees


Anna Lees
Key Account ManagerAcademy of European Law
Metzer Allee 4 | D-54295 Trier
Tel: +49 (0)651 – 93737 -815
Fax: +49 (0)651 – 93737 -773

Kurse vom epi

Die neuen Kurse vom epi sind online! Hier eine kurze Zusammenfassung und die jeweiligen Links dazu:

Webinar: “Opt-Out procedure and strategy” – 28 September 2022
As part of the epi training in relation to preparations for the UPC, this webinar will look at all aspects surrounding the opt-out procedure including removal of an unauthorised application to opt-out or unauthorised withdrawal of an opt-out in accordance with new Rule 5A of the Rules of Procedure as approved on 8th July 2022.
In addition to the legal background and strategic considerations, the webinar will focus on practical aspects of how to register an account with the UPC and perform an opt-out.
The webinar will be relevant both for inhouse attorneys handling cases for their employer and also for attorneys in private practice that may need to register opt-outs for a multitude of different applicants/proprietors.
Seminar: „Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court“ epi roadshow supported by the EPO

For 2022, the epi is planning 3 seminars to be held jointly with the EPO, with experts from the epi and the EPO speaking.
5 October 2022 Munich (already fully booked) / 27 October 2022 Copenhagen (registration is open) / 22 November 2022 Amsterdam (registration will be open soon)
The seminars focus on the Unitary Patent and the Unitary Patent Court and provide a systematic knowledge of both systems, enabling epi members to work with the systems, building on the introductory recordings available on the platform.
The seminar in Munich will be recorded and can be made available to members for a fee.
Hybrid event: “A fresh look at procedural aspects of appeal proceedings” epi roadshow supported by the EPO

11 October 2022 Munich (on-site & online)
The hybrid event “A fresh look at procedural aspects of appeal proceedings” on 11 October 2022 in Munich provides an intensive and practical overview of the law, the jurisprudence, and their relevance to you in proceedings before the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office.
A focus of the new seminar will be the new Rules of Procedure of the Boards of Appeal, which entered into force on 1 January 2020, and their significance for opposition and appeal proceedings.

To register please find all information in the event calendar
on our main epi website.

Kursbuch Kandidatenkurs


Ausbildungskurs für Patentanwalt-AnwärterInnen

Auch dieses Jahr gibt es wieder einen Ausbildungskurs für Patentanwalt-AnwärterInnen 2022/2023 bei

Hier das dazugehörige Kursbuch: Kursbuch_2022

„Fast Track – Patentanmeldungen“ beim ÖPA – 1. Mitteilung wird nicht mehr verschickt

Das Österreichische Patentamt hat uns mitgeteilt, dass ab sofort bei den „Fast Track – Patentanmeldungen“ keine 1. Mitteilung mehr versendet wird.

Diese Mitteilungen waren anfangs dafür gedacht, dass die Anmelder:innen Bescheid bekommen, dass das ÖPA die „Fast Track – Patentanmeldungen“ zur Kenntnis genommen hat und bemüht ist, die 4 Monatsfrist einzuhalten.

Da sich dieses System laut Patentamt gut eingespielt hat, sind diese Mitteilungen nicht mehr notwendig.

Bei Fragen können Sie sich gerne an Herrn Hannes Raumauf ( wenden.

European Patent Litigation Certificate (EPLC) Training

The Academy of European Law (ERA) renowned as a continuing education institution with a wealth of experience in training legal practitionerson EU law is for the first time offering a training leading to a diploma.  With the European Patent Litigation Certificate (EPLC) delivered at the end of this yearlong course, European patent attorneys will be entitled to defend parties before the Unified Patent Court


In partnering with the University of Maastricht, ERA put in place a tailor-made yearlong course

consisting of online sessions with tutorials completed by intensive practical face-to-face sessions at ERA in Trier, Germany. and ending with an examination leading to the certificate.


At the end of this course, European patent attorneys will know about:


  • the basics of EU law and patent law in the EU
  • the role, organisation and patent-related case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • the enforcement of patents and in particular knowledge of Directive 2004/48 (EC)
  • the advanced understanding of unitary patent protection (Regulations1257/2012 (EU) and 1260/2012 (EU))
  • the comparative overview on patent infringement proceedings in Contracting Member States
  • the key takings of the Unified Patent Court Agreement and the Unified Patent Court’s Statute
  • Litigation before the Unified Patent Court: advanced knowledge of procedures, advocacy skills, practice and case management before the Unified Patent Court, with special regards to the rules of procedure of the UPC


Save the dates for the EPLC course 2022-2023:


EPLC introductory course

Trier and Luxembourg (CJEU) 28 – 29 September 2022

Trier/Luxembourg (CJEU)


EPLC intensive course

Trier, 13-17 March 2023



EPLC intensive course

Trier, 10-15 July 2023


Further details regarding registration and course fees can be found on the dedicated website.


We would appreciate if you could inform your colleagues and your professional network about this new course.


For further information or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Kind regards,


Anna Lees




Anna Lees
Key Account ManagerAcademy of European Law
Metzer Allee 4 | D-54295 Trier
Tel: +49 (0)651 – 93737 -815
Fax: +49 (0)651 – 93737 -773